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14,000 engineering seats in Karnataka vacant in 2010
Article Posted: 20 September 2010

The scheduled Karnataka CET and COMEDK counselling has completed, but there are at least 14,000 seats that can find no takers: 8,961 seats in the private quota and over 5,000 seats in the CET government quota remain unfilled.

Last week the government announced that a special counselling round would be held for students who have cleared their pre-university courses (or equivalent) in the supplementary chance.

This trend is consistent with last year's numbers when 11,300 seats were vacant. Despite this obvious dip in demand, around 3,500 additional seats in eight new colleges have been added this year. Not surprisingly, the demand has not increased.

In the private quota, 8,961 of 15,036 seats were unfilled. In the government quota too, where seats are available at a subsidised fee, over 5,000 of about 30,000 seats remain unfilled.

This issue was raised by private colleges last year, when many of them saw a vacancy rate of about 50 per cent.

While the break-up of vacant seats in the government quota was not available for reference, the private quota seats that were allotted through the COMED-K (Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka) saw mixed trends. While some niche courses such as environmental engineering, aeronautical engineering and production engineering found fewer takers, even courses in demand such as Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer science, seats remain vacant.

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