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Karnataka medical and dental college seat sharing decided.
Article Posted: 02 April 2010

The Karnataka government has entered into a seat-sharing understanding with the private and minority-run medical and dental colleges for the coming academic year.

The formula for seat-sharing is more or less the same as that of 2009-10. The medical and dental colleges under the private and minority managements expressed their inability in parting with more seats than that of last year owing to the steep increase in costs in running the institutions. The seat-sharing formula will be submitted to the Supreme Court for ratification as the court is hearing a petition on the fee structure of the medical and dental colleges. A similar approval for seat-sharing was obtained from the court last year.

Of a total of 4,069 medical seats in the government, private and minority-run medical colleges, the total seats in the government pool (to be filled through a common entrance test) will be 1,872, while the managements will have a quota of 2,033 seats. In all, 164 seats have been set aside for the All India quota for which entrance will be conducted by the Centre.

There are 10 government medical colleges, 10 private medical colleges and 10 minority-run medical colleges in the State. Following the fresh understanding on seat-sharing, the government will enjoy a benefit of 772 seats in the private and minority institutions (there are 1,100 seats in the government colleges) while the private medical colleges will have the benefit of admitting 1,315 students and the minority institutions 1,010 students for MBBS. For the BDS course, 35 per cent of the private college seats will go to the government while the minority-run institutions will give 25 per cent of the seats.

Seat sharing quota
Government (%) Management (%)
Private Institutions 42 58
Minority Institutions 25 75
Private Institutions 35 65
Minority Institutions 25 75

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