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No more state quota in NITs (previously RECs)
Article Posted: 07-15-2008

After the HRD ministry's recent directive, the previously existing state quotas have been abolished in National Institute of Technology (NIT), previously known as REC (Regional Engineering College). The NIT located in Karnataka is in Surathkal.

Fifty per cent of the seats in an NIT are allotted to students of the state where it is located. Earlier, each of the 20 NITs in the country had state quotas, reserving the remaining seats for students from particular states. The new policy has abolished this quota, with all out-of-state students vying for the remaining 50% based on their all-India AIEEE rank.

We believe this will raise the bar of students studying in NITs. However, due to the late decision by the HRD ministry, some students confident of making it to an NIT, have been left in the lurch as they didn't take up CET or Comed-K. Many other students have now been forced to take the last option of Comed-K seats, shelling out huge amounts as fees.

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