Medical Seats Ratio 40:60, Dental Ratio 35:65 (Pvt Colleges: Govt)
Article Posted: 09-02-2007

After the engineering seats, it was the turn of the medical and dental seats to get divided. In a solution agreed by the government and the private college managements, the medical college seats in the state of Karnataka will be divided in the ratio 40:60 (last year 50:50) and dental college seats will be divided in the ration 35:65 (last year 50:50) between the government and the private colleges.

This would mean that the government would loose 10% of the medical seats and 15% of the dental seats to the private college managements.

Medical Fees
Government quota seats: Rs 35,000 (single-slab)
Management quota seats: Rs 325,000 (last year Rs 290,000)

Dental Fees
Government quota seats: Rs 25,000 (single-slab)
Management quota seats: Rs 230,000 (last year Rs 290,000)

In minority institutions, the seat-sharing ratio, both for medical and dental in these colleges, has been fixed at 75 (management quota) and 25 (government quota).

Now, the compromise formula (seat-sharing and fees) worked out with the private colleges for 2007-08 for medical, dental and engineering courses will be placed before the Supreme Court for its approval.

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